Girls, Escorts, Models

1 Girl/Escort Ad - Term 1 month
-CHF 99.00-
Launching offer!
CHF 25.00

For renewal before the expiration time, the price decreases to CHF 20.
The advertisement content can be edited at any time.

1 Girl/Escort Ad - Term 3 month
-CHF 199.00-
Launching offer!
CHF 60.00

For renewal before the expiration time, the price decreases to CHF 50.
The advertisement content can be edited at any time.

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Payable with Twint
Payable with Twint

Limited to locations within Switzerland.
Listing is only possible with a Swiss phone number, pictures with watermarks are not allowed.

  • Easy management of your ads.
  • No intrusive advertising on the portal.
  • Your content can be edited at any time.
  • You can buy credits and perform various actions with them.
  • Credits can be sent from one user to another.
  • Ads can be filtered by proximity*.
* Function to determine distances.

  • Your ad will appear at the top on first activation.
  • After each licence extension, your ad will be moved to the top again.
  • You can move your profile to the 1st position at any time for 1 credit.
  • If you work in a club listed on our website, you can associate your profile with that club.

  • You can advertise your club, events and models for free, as long as you manage everything yourself.
  • Own club page with visibility of all club girls (pictures with watermarks are not allowed).
  • We'll help you create a profile for your club or agency. We'll prepare your basic profile and you can modify it as you wish.
  • Increased visibility with event announcements (all events are sorted chronologically by date and time).
  • Set up flexible automations (for example, your girls' profile information such as "service" or "default text").
  • Club Model profiles can be sent from club to club (they go from club A to club B offline, so that the receiving club can put the ad online whenever it wants).
  • Push a club model ad to the 1st position with 1 credit.
  • Push your club to the 1st position with 10 credits.

Register Club / Agency for free


    Easy packages are fee-based, they have for purpose to hand over the administration effort to us:

  • We take over the administration & design of the advertisements of girls/escorts.
    (Access to model photos without watermark, as well as age information necessary.)
  • Update check every 24 hours regarding actuality/presence.
    (Maximum duration 48 hours, insofar as access to the necessary information is available.)

Easy package flat rates*:

  • CHF 100 / month up to 5 Models
  • CHF 200 / month up to 10 Models
  • CHF 300 / month up to 20 Models
  • CHF 500 / month over 20 Models

* Annual payment required.


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