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"Strap-on" – a versatile tool for exploring new dimensions of pleasure and power dynamics in the realm of paid sexual services. Picture this: a sex toy worn by a skilled practitioner, typically a female sex worker, to penetrate a willing client anally or vaginally. The strap-on consists of a dildo attached to a harness that the wearer secures around their waist or hips, allowing for hands-free stimulation and deep, satisfying penetration. 

Whether it's about exploring new sensations, power dynamics, or fulfilling fantasies, strap-on play offers a world of possibilities for adventurous clients seeking something a little extra. Of course, clear communication, mutual consent, and respect for boundaries are paramount to ensure a safe and satisfying experience for all involved. So, if you're ready to embark on a journey of exploration and pleasure with a strap-on, remember to communicate openly, establish boundaries, and above all, enjoy the ride.

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